It’s Time for Yourself!

If you are like me you spend the majority of your time taking care of others. And while this is great (and maybe you have no choice, they are your kids after all!) you start to feel on the verge, building resentment and ready to snap.

This is the opportunity to remind yourself that taking some time just for yourself is not a luxury but a necessity!

Or maybe you do have time but are looking for a deeply nourishing practice and a boost to your energy.

In both cases, I have a good news: 3 brand new type of yoga classes are starting next March 2018 at The Yogallery (West Ealing, W13 London)!

There is a style for everyone…

…if you are looking for a gentle and deeply relaxing class try YOGA RELAX.

…if you are looking for a more dynamic and challenging yet relaxing class try YOGA FLOW.

…and for the ones who love essential oils and are curious about new experiences try AROMA YOGA.