Getting What You Really Want


What do you really want?

Not what society or your family want you to have but what do YOU really want for yourself. Some of us have a hard time knowing what we truly desire. Others have a long list of desires but don’t know how to translate it into concrete action and reality. Some of us even feel like we can never get there however hard we try.
What will you get from this Workshop?
In this workshop we will work with movement and breath to listen to our bodies as they hold the keys to both our deep desires and how to get them. By tuning into your own wisdom you will gain clarity on what you want to achieve and mostly what is limiting you from getting it. Through gentle yoga, breathing, relaxation and guided visualisation you will learn how to realign body and mind on your goals and free yourself from unconscious blockages, leaving you clear and confident to take the next action steps towards thriving in your life and/or business. This workshop is designed for a small group of highly motivated persons willing to get to the core of their limitations and clear them away, ready to step into their own power and start designing the life they want.
Who is it for?
Anyone who struggles with either knowing what they truly want and desire, or who knows clearly but doesn’t seem to be able to achieve that goal, self-doubting or even self-sabotaging.
Practical info?
The workshop takes place at The Yogallery, a private and peaceful yoga space in West Ealing, on Friday 6th July from 9:30 to 12:30 and includes a short tea break. The studio is fully equipped with yoga mats. You don’t need to have any yoga experience.
Cost is £50 if you register within the early bird offer (before June 15th) or £55 after.
Please note that the spots are limited and will fill up fast.