Private Classes

yogamatsPrivate sessions enable us to adapt yoga or meditation to your specific needs, to explore yoga postures safely and to deepen your practice. It also allows us to work on individual areas of resistance, alignment, and practice at a time and place that suits you.

Private sessions at The Yogallery includes:

Yoga, relaxation and visualisation.

Prenatal Yoga: Pregnancy is a great time to start practicing yoga and it is often a time when women prefer to have a private, more individually tailored yoga class.

Postnatal Yoga: After your baby’s birth you need to re-adjust to your postpartum body and self. Yoga can help to gently stretch your body, re-tone your muscles and help alleviate fatigue.  We will also do some gentle baby yoga.

Restorative Yoga: If you feel stressed, anxious, depressed or are recovering from illness or learning to manage long-term health issues, you may also thrive in the intimate setting of a private restorative yoga session.

Children’s Mindfulness Meditation.